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Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

 Jessica Marie Johnson (Jessie)
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Languages: English


Weight: 45lbs
Build: Childishly thin, somewhat small for her age.
Skin: Caucasian, with freckles across her nose and down her arms.
Hair: Armpit length dirty blond hair, held in two messy braids tied at the end with hair ties each with large plastic beads, mismatched in color.
Eyes: Green eyes
Other traits: a few chicken pock scars can be found here and there on open skin 
Clothes: A green footed onesie pajama, with stuffed yellow spikes on the back. It had a hood with two reptile eyes and white felt teeth sewn on around the edge. 


 Energetic, Fearless and Confident. Jessie thinks she knows everything and wants to tell the world about it. She isn't afraid to speak her mind or tell someone they're wrong. She's not afraid to lie but tries to avoid it.

Speech patterns: She doesn't have any problems with pronunciation anymore, as a side affect of her talking to anyone who will listen, but still uses some junction words, such as “lookit” for “look at that”. She talks fast and excitedly, often not pausing for a breath. When she's feeling shy, such as when she's actually scared, she tends to look at her toes and shuffle her feat while talking. She tends to disagree or agree before explaining herself. A standard statement from her would be something like “Nuh-uh! I saw it too!”


 Jessica is energetic even by 8 year old standards. She likes to run around and elects for active games whenever possible. She loves make believe but “House is for wussies” as she is much more inclined to run around taming dragons. In fact fighting and taming monsters is her favorite activity. She insists that she is scared of nothing whatsoever because she could beat anything actually dangerous up herself. Though sometimes shy and dejected this tends to only happen around certain people. Though she isn't above pretending to be sad to get her way.

Passions: Dragons. Everything about Dragons. When she grows up, Jessica is going to be a Dragon Tamer and breeder. She says that there has to be Dragons out there somewhere and they're just waiting for her. If there isn't? Oh well, she'll just have to breed the first ones herself.

Fears: Tall men, especially if they are well shaved, slightly chubby and balding, or not wearing much. She wont talk to them, or approach them. She wont admit to being scared of them, and most people don't realize her reaction isn't just shyness, instead of a legitimate fear. Though she has never faced a real monster, she insists on being fearless. One would probably scare her considerably, but she wouldn't admit it.

Strengths: Confidence. Jessica is sure she can do anything if she sets her mind to it. She wants everyone to be happy, and will actually get serious and try to help if she thinks its needed. She doesn't have fun at the expense of others, if someone doesn't enjoy her games or is hurt, she'll stop. In fact, she is hyper conscious of never doing anything that might hurt someone against their will. Her last and biggest strength is her ability to escape into a world of make-believe.

Weaknesses: Confidence. Jessica has no idea when she is beaten or if something is to much for her. She is an 8 year old girl and has all the flaws that come along with it. Jessica is small, fragile, and has no concept that she is. She hates being proved wrong. She hates being proved weak. Often, she wont admit something is correct, even with hard proof. There is always a way out for her.

-Dragons are real or will be real. They are the best thing and she'll prove it to everyone.
-Boys are better ignored than dealt with.
-Blindly following orders results in people doing evil things, just look at henchmen in movies, so she wont do anything unless she knows why.


 Jessica has a wild assortment of dreams mostly all a mixture between her living reality and a medieval world filled with huge Dragons where she rides them from mountain cliff to mountain cliff. Alternatively she often dreams of bringing Dragons to school and riding them there, much to the awe of her classmates and teachers. Though sometimes she'll have mundane dreams, by her measure, of winning a soccer game or a reoccurring nightmare about the man with no face.

Homeworld: Jessica lives in modern day Earth, in the suburbs of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA. She goes to private school a few blocks from her house, and has a trampoline in her nicely groomed back yard.

Family/Friends: Jessica adores her mother, Renea, who is aging but still fairly pretty. Renea works in an office building in center-city and is often at work until six or seven, going to bed fairly early to work the next day. Jessica's father, Dan, works in construction and is the one who takes Jessica to school, picks her up and makes dinner. Though as far as the girl is concerned, she'd be better off if he was dead. Jessica has two good friends at school Ronika Catoe and another girl named Jessica, though her last name is Mason.

Jessica has lived in the same house her entire life. She went to a public elementary school for kindergarten and first grade. Though her parents decided to home school her for second because of the bad School system in Philadelphia. Her father stayed home and schooled her while her mother worked in the city. It started then. It started mild. Her father would tell her that she was so pretty that she could be a model, but her mother didn't approve of anything but working in an office building so he made her promise doing anything else a secret. So he took pictures of her. First in cute dresses and outfits where he'd pick something for her to wear. Then with less and less cloths. Till he was directing her naked poses before his camera. Jessica didn't really know this was bad, it was fun to pretend to be a model. She of course had no intentions of being a model, but no reason not to play.

As the year went onward her father started touching her. It was so gradual that Jessica didn't really notice. She trusted her father. One day after a few pictures he told her to wait there and came back in a bathrobe. He told her he knew the secret to modeling but she couldn't tell anyone because it was a trade secret passed down to all good models. She promised not to tell. So he told her that models really got their money by playing with men, did Jessica want to play with daddy? This was when it really started. At first she'd just play with his “manhood” until he came on her-- like an ice-cream volcano-- he'd say. He'd touch her, and made her lick off the gross white stuff. She didn't like this anymore, but he scared her. She'd promised not to tell and he started threatening her. The reason it is such a good secret is cause anyone who tells it gets in really big trouble and dies. She thought that it wouldn't get worse...

He started doing it even when her mother was home. After dark when Renea had gone to bed, he'd come into her room and make her please him. They were almost caught once but he just made Jessica tell her mom that she'd had a nightmare. Then it got even worse. He told her that she wasn't doing a good job and he'd twist her arm. Until finally he threw her down on the floor and raped her. When she screamed he smothered her until she couldn't breath. So she stopped making noise. Finally she told her mother that she wanted to go to a real school to have friends again. It was a lie. She wanted to go to a real school in order to get away from him. So he could only do it at night, instead of all day too. She said she wanted to go to a boarding school like Harry Potter. The best she got was a private school.

It didn't make it better. Her father was furious with her for asking to go to a private school. She begged and pleaded with him. Told him that she wanted girl friends her own age. Told him they'd still have summers. He couldn't beat her, cause then there would be proof. So he raped her. Over and over. She started having her nightmares about the faceless man then. She'd run and run but there was no where to go. His long fingers would catch her and gab her all over and it would hurt until she'd wake up. She wouldn't call for help... in case he came. She couldn't have nightmares at all. She convinced herself monsters weren't so scary... they weren't as scary as him.

Sleeping: In her bed, in her room, tucked in by her mother after a late soccer game.


Primary Skills:
 Jessica is in 3rd grade and pretty good at multiplication. She is on her school soccer team, practicing from 3-5 on Mondays and Wednesdays. She does ballet with her friend Ronika from 3-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Much to her excitement she has just started Karate after school on Friday instead of going to after school care. She insists that she is a great sword fighter. The best in the land. She has a wooden sword that she runs around in her room with, when playing make-believe. Her primary skill, is probably her ability to play make-believe. With it she's found that she can escape anything in the world.

Combat: Like most 8 year old girls, Jessica has no combat capabilities whatsoever, but if she were to get into combat she'd probably try to fight anyways because as far as she is concerned, she is an expert fighter. You have to be, if you want to train Dragons.

Weapons/Gear: She has a stuffed Dragon named Scorch that she carries with her everywhere. In her room but not in the Insomnium she has a fake wooden sword, fit for her size and not very well constructed.

Unusual Abilities: Nothing. 
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